Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Farmhouse Ale Tour of Belgium & France

The Farmhouse Ale Tour has been in full swing this week. We are basing out of the magnificent Brouwershuis B&B at the St. Bernardus Brewery near Watou, Belgium. So far we have had visited the St. Bernardus Brewery, Brasserie Castelaine in Benifontaine, France; Brasserie La Choulette in Hordain, France; and Brasserie Thierez in Esquelbeque, France. All had amazing, but very different beers. Northern France, while little known to the general beer public, has some great beers. We've enjoyed meeting our new French beer friends. Pictured to the right are beer hunters Bryan, John David and Allen on the other Abbey Road, which leads to the great farmhouse breweries of the region.  More to come!

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