Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bamberg, beer & bikes!

Stu with Fred Waltman at Fassla Brewery
I'm in the middle of a week in Bamberg, Germany.  As Many of you know, Bamberg is home to nine breweries, all within biking or walking distance.  Two of these breweries are famous for rauch beer, aka, smoked beer.  It's like drinking a glass of beef jerky, except better.  If you only have one day here, it's not enough.  You need at least a week.  I've tasted many fine beers since I've been here, too many to mention now.  I've also met a number great people in the vibrant beer culture, including Fred Waltman, author of the Franconia Beer Guide.  Fred is from Marina Del Ray, Cal., and happened to be here now on one of his many trips here.  I got to have some beers with Fred and his crew at Fassla Brewery.  Bike is the best and fastest way to get around here and I've been enjoying the cool crisp Franconian air in between brewery visits.   More later on this exciting beer city when I return to the U.S.

A river runs through it.
The famous Herren Pils at Keesmann Brewery

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